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Email Marketing Do What I Do - Artist Marketing Help - Jill Rumley
Do what I do with Email Marketing

The best way to learn something new and gain confidence is to watch others do what you want to do. This is why you want to get my bi-weekly newsletter filled with tips, suggestions, and answers to my …

Tap into your creative brilliance - Artist Marketing Help - Jill Rumley
Tap Into Your Creative Brilliance

The one. You know the one. The one creation that you’ll never forget.  Whether this creation is the best or the worst you’ve ever done, it is most certainly brilliant! And if you’re stuck in a cr…

So You want to be a successful artist Artist marketing help Jill Rumley
So You Want to Be a Successful Artist

Learn how to control your time. As an artist, I know how easy it is to get lost in the moment. To follow my gut and go with the flow of things. This is great when I’m creating art, and it’s not so gre…

Don't Do What I Just Did Artist marketing help Jill Rumley
Don’t Do What I Just Did, You’ll regret it

This is why consistent content essential to your success… Last week I got to take a little vay-cay and drive out to see my kids and my granddaughter for her 2nd birthday. Don’t worry, and we’re …

Get Our of Your Head Artist Marketing Help Jill Rumley
Get Out of Your Head

The hardest part of doing something new is to start. But knowing where to start can be paralyzing! The trouble is, you’re in your head. You’re trying to figure out something by mulling it over and ove…

the best kept secret in the artworld is Artist Marketing Help Jill Rumley

Something that might sound surprisingly simple and basic, but it is the differentiator between my clients who see the results they want and those who don’t. Here’s the secret: NEWSLETTERS …

What my clients say…

Artist Marketing Help supports artists with marketing ideas, tech training, newsletter implementation, and more!

Louise Kittel

Artist and certified Life Coach | New York, NY

I’ve been working with Jill Rumley at Fearless Tech for You over the past few months. I struggle to find the time to keep up with a strategy for marketing in my Real Estate business on social media, print, and other digital communication mediums. Jill Rumley is a technology Ninja as well as a gifted artist. This is a great combination for helping small business owners like me with technology and marketing.

Jill is also very skilled with technology issues..she knows what settings are making my XYZ device do this or that. The investment I’ve spent working with Jill has helped me save time and helped keep my digital life more secure. It has been worth every penny! Thank you, Jill!

In the artist’s mastermind group where I first met her, we call Jill the “Tech Queen”. With good reason, because she is not just an artist but a professional Geek who not only knows the answer to every one of our tech and social media questions but can explain the how-to’s in a way artists can understand. And then use.

For so many of us creative types, that can make all the difference between getting our work “out there” in a wider way, or keeping our best stuff hidden away. Because tech is something we just don’t feel skilled at or have the time to figure out. Then Jill walks in, simplifies things for you, and motivates you. Soon you are up and running. You are getting comments and “likes”, you are getting known!

I’ve been lucky to meet Jill at just the point where I needed this kind of information. And feel even luckier now that she is putting her knowledge into online lessons that can be accessed 24/7. Now Jill the Tech Goddess is in my pocket whenever I need her! Do yourself a favor and put her in your pocket too!

Stacy Millward

Realtor at Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage | Longmont, CO

One on One

I offer personalized training & coaching designed for your specific needs and goals. I can help you with everything from learning the tech to get your marketing done, to helping you build….read more

Artist Marketing Help

Hey you.

I know you have so much to offer and want to offer it online. But you don’t know where to start.

I see the bigger picture for you, to transform your dream of success into something real. No matter where you are now and how un-tech-savvy you feel.

Whether you’ve tried using Facebook to grow your sales, set up an Instagram account, and even considered using Etsy, you feel like it’s not working. The sales aren’t happening.

I can help.

​Dreaming about selling online is one thing. Sorting through all the tech is another. Let’s do this together.

Jill Rumley

​Hi, I’m Jill Rumley. My friends call me the Tech Queen.

I’m a technologically savvy woman who has worked on computers for over 40 years. I’m also an artist who wants to sell her work.

Both are creative endeavors, and I help people like you solve your technology problems. I offer coaching on the latest marketing strategies using social media, and I will show you how to get your work out there with my step-by-step tech guides.

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