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What I’ve discovered recently isn’t about WHAT I’m marketing (or selling), it’s WHO I’ve been trying to market and sell to…


And if you’re like me, it feels:
like a waste of time
like you’re not legitimate because you don’t have 10,000 followers


You’re not making as many sales as you think you should.

So, the burning question is, how do you change it?

Have you ever heard of “niche” marketing?

Niche marketing is an advertising strategy that targets a section or subset of an entire market. Rather than marketing to anyone and everyone your product might appeal to, you focus in on a particular group of potential customers who are most likely to benefit from your product.

For example, I’m a painter who paints in different mediums and different subjects. But I “specialize” in pet portraits. My pet portrait paintings that are small, painted in oils and in my own unique style, are a niche. 

When I market my pet portraits, I focus on people who are similar to those who have purchased from me in the past. They are people who:

Love cats
Love dogs
Own a pet (present or in the past)
Take photos of their pets
Follow or “like” pet stores (I use this when boosting a post or doing an ad)
Are over the age of 40
Are female

Rather than trying to market to everyone who likes art (landscapes, abstract, oils, pastels, watercolor, photography etc.) I get very specific with who my audience is, and what they like.

My “niche” is mini pet portraits painted in oil for women over 40 who love pets. 

Now you might be wondering HOW do YOU get this specific? What can YOU do to find your niche?

Since you already know what you sell the most of, what you’re “known” for, the key is this:

Stop talking about yourself and start listening to what your customer is asking for.

Listen to their language, the words they use, the phrases, the emotions. Go read how they talk on their own social pages, what other pages they follow and what their interests are. Listen to what they said to you when they bought your product, their comments and emotions they were feeling when they decided to buy. 

THIS is what you talk about in your marketing. Whether it’s through emails, social posts, on your website. And even talking face to face with someone. 

Now I’d like to give you an action item to do this week. 

First, download my FREE “Ideal Customer Avatar Worksheet” and when you do, you’ll have the steps you need to take and learn how to talk to your customers in a way that helps them buy your art!

And if you have any questions, I’m always here to help. Make a comment below or email me and I’ll respond to you personally.