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What is “The Algorithm” for 2020 that Instagram is using? I’m sure you’ve heard rumors about it. It’s one of the 7 great mysteries of the world!

“The algorithm” is an internal computer program system that Instagram uses to evaluate a post and decide how to show it to others. Meaning, just because you share a post, doesn’t mean all of your followers will see it. 

There’s a lot of speculation out there

I do a lot of reading about social media on newsgroups. There is always a lot of talk about what “might be” going on with “the algorithm” at any given time. 

Instagram (and FB) are always very hush, hush about who, what, when and why they show particular posts in your feed. 

But today, I read a blog post from Later revealing information shared by Instagram about “the algorithm” for 2020.

“Your Instagram feed isn’t just based on who you follow, it’s also based on who and what you like.”


Meaning, when you’re scrolling through your feed and you “like” or comment on a bunch of photos of cats, you’re going to see MORE PHOTOS OF CATS. Even if  your artist friends are posting their hearts out with new paintings. You won’t see a lot of them unless you start liking, commenting and/or sharing those posts. 

In other words, the “computer learning system” looks at what content you’re most engaged with. It shows you more of that same kind of content, leaving out content they “think” you’re not interested in. You won’t see people who don’t post regularly, people you don’t engage with; regardless of if you follow them or not. 

NOTE: The Instagram feed is NOT chronological anymore. Just because your friend posted today doesn’t mean you’re going to SEE that post today unless you’ve been engaging with her posts a lot recently. 

This is why using social media for your marketing efforts is so frustrating. 

In order to get even a little bit noticed, you have to be persistent and consistent with your posting content. This includes using relevant hashtags, location tagging, interesting captions (the text that you share), beautiful photography/video and more. 

It’s a full time job. 

And if you’re anything like me, you don’t want to spend all day posting and monitoring social media just so you can MAYBE reach more people. 

So here’s my advice: 

Unless you’re willing to invest 20 or more hours a week to creating content for your social media and posting 4-7 times a week, social media is not going to work for you as a marketing strategy. 

Rather than chasing strangers down on social media, I recommend that you focus on your current fans and followers by engaging with their inbox through weekly newsletters. 

Please, just TRY it, and don’t worry about the unsubscribes! Trust me, if someone unsubscribes, it’s not personal, they’re just not your ideal customer. 

If you need help getting started again with your mailing list, send me a message and we can get on a quick FREE call to talk about your options.