How to get rid of Gmail’s “Promotions” tab

Do you lose emails? It’s easy with the amount we receive every day, every hour, every minute… they probably ended up in your gmail’s “promotions” folder! But that’s okay! I’ve got a quick tutorial on how to get rid of Gmail’s “promotions” tab and more!

But let’s just say you actually want to read some of these emails. Maybe you signed up for a really cool newsletter or are looking for a sale at your favorite store. It’s really easy for the mail you want to get stuck in with the email you don’t care about.

So how do you guarantee you’ll get the emails you want? It’s pretty simple. And I’ve put together a video tutorial for you that shows you how to:

a) Get rid of Google’s Promotions folder
b) How to set up a filter so you can sort your incoming email and make sure you see the important ones in your inbox!

Enjoy the video. Feel free to leave me any feedback or questions!

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