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Can you believe it’s already the end of May? This has been a very strange year, and I hope this letter finds you healthy and productive.

Speaking of being productive, have you noticed an increase in newsletters lately? I know I have! The first couple of weeks I didn’t mind it so much, but now it’s beginning to feel tedious and overwhelming. It seems every morning I open my inbox to find 50 new email messages. 

I figure it’s time I do something about it and I want to share a quick trick with you.

Managing your INBOX is a never-ending task. 

It can be time consuming and distracting. And if you’re like me, a lot of email goes unopened once it falls to “page 2” of the inbox. That is, if you’re using Gmail. 

This morning I decided it was time to clean up my newsletter subscriptions and decide who I want to keep in my inbox and who should go BUH BYE.

A quick way to find all of your “newsletter” emails is to do a quick search to get them in front of you all at once so you can see which ones you open and which ones you don’t. 

>> Go to the search bar in Gmail (or your email app).

>> Type in “unsubscribe” and hit enter

Now you see all of the emails that have the word “unsubscribe” in them. 

This means, all of these are newsletters and if you see a bunch that are unopened from specific people, you might consider unsubscribing today. 

<< Hint >> to unsubscribe from newsletters, scroll to the bottom and in the footer you should find instructions for unsubscribing. Some places make it harder for you, some will take you off the list right away. But every single newsletter is required to have an unsubscribe option. 

If you don’t see this option on the email, you have a couple of options:

You can mark them as SPAM and your email client will filter them out. 

Or you can reply to the email requesting to be unsubscribed. 

I always encourage people to unsubscribe from emails rather than marking them as SPAM. This helps the sender better understand who wants their emails and it stops their emails from coming to you if you aren’t interested. At least, its supposed to work that way. 

I hope you found this trick useful today! And if you’re interested in receiving tips to your inbox, you can SUBSCRIBE HERE and get a free Techie Terms info sheet.