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The number one question I get asked is:

Which social media platform should I be using?

That’s a loaded question. 


Because each platform appeals to different audiences. 

This morning I downloaded a booklet from bitly.com that talks about ads, engagement and ROI (return on investment).

In other words, the Ebook talks about understanding ads and engagement on the most popular social media platforms.

Importantly, you may not be ready to spend money on paid ads, but this ebook has some interesting information about demographics which will help you to choose which social media platform to use.

CLICK HERE to get yours (P.S. I’m not affiliated with bitly.com)

For instance, the most interesting information is about demographics and who uses which social platform the most.

Social Media Demographics

2.19 billion monthly users
78% of the adult population is on FB
77% of users have an annual income over $75k

Most popular with the under 50 crowd and males
Urban & suburban areas are the most active
Only 29% of twitter users check their account more than once a day.

700 million monthly users
More than half of online adults 18-29 use IG
Most heavily used in urban areas

500 million active users
Average age 30-49 years old
Most hold a college degree

Primarily female
Users mostly under 50yrs old

Did you know

Firstly, as an artist, you are not likely to make sales of your fine art (priced over $100) through posts on social media. 

Secondly, businesses who sell on social media have gathered a large number of followers, over 10,000, that have a large percentage of people who are raving fans of that business. 

I know a few artists who are in this category; however, they sell mostly art items priced under $100, and do it in volume. 

Therefore, the ultimate question for you is: Why should I bother?

There are a few reasons you should bother.

#1 – BILLIONS of people on these platforms

#2 – It shows you are in business and serious about your profession

#3 – When someone does come across your social media profile, they can learn more about you

In conclusion, the main goal of social media is to create awareness around you and your art/brand. Therefore, With consistent and engaging Social Media posts, customers go from “awareness” to “interested” in you & your art. how you can be discovered by potential customers.

Ultimately, when a potential customer is interested, they’ll will contact you through social media messaging or visit your website. 

And when they are really really interested, they even sign up for your newsletter. 

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