Add “Alt-Text” to your Instagram Posts for better SEO

use alt text for your instagram posts for better SEO

Adding “alt text” to your Instagram posts is another way to help you get discovered by potential customers.

What is “alt text?”

Alt-text is a short descriptive phrase that’s used to identify images on websites and social media posts.

Back in the day, It was designed for screen readers for people with visual impairments. When alt-text is used, the screen readers can read to them when they can’t see the image.

Why add it to your posts on Instagram?

Beyond the benefit to the visually impaired, alt text is also read by search engines and helps you rank better in search results.

Define the description of your photo:

Define what keywords and/or phrases you want to be known for (i.e., “Abstract Artist,” “oil painter,” etc.) and add those as alt text in your posts.

Make sure the keywords you use are relevant to the photo, meaning don’t label a photo of you at the beach as “oil painting,” unless it’s of you painting with oils at the beach!

How to do it on Instagram:

Open the Instagram app on your phone and create a post as you normally would. (Note, this doesn’t work with post schedulers, it only works when you post from your phone.)

Before clicking “Share,” scroll down and click “Advanced Settings” on the screen’s bottom-left.

Scroll down further and click “Write Alt Text.”

Type your keywords in the box that pops up. Then go back and complete your post!

Did you try adding alt text to your Instagram posts? How did it go? Let me know in the comments below.