Why do only artists follow me?

Why do only artists follow me? Artist marketing Help

Do you wonder why the only people who follow you on Instagram are other artists?

You think “Instagram doesn’t work. The only people who follow me or like my posts are other artists.”

Well, yeah. That’s because that’s what YOU do on Instagram. Follow and like other artists. 

The Instagram algorithm (IA) wants to prioritize posts from your friends, family, and accounts that matter to you. The IA wants to show you more of what (and who) you interact with on Instagram. 

If you want to change who sees your art and who will potentially want to buy your art, you need to find these people on Instagram and start liking and commenting on their posts & stories. 

How do you do this? One way is by searching for people who like your type of art using hashtags.

For example, suppose you are a landscape artist who usually paints scenes from Rocky Mountain National Park. In that case, you should start using hashtags (#) associated with Rocky Mountain National Park (#RMNP) and search for galleries that have Instagram accounts around the same location as RMNP. (i.e., Estes Park, CO).

How to search using hashtags:

Open your Instagram account. 

Click the 🔍 at the bottom to search.

Type in “Rocky Mountain…” You will see accounts, hashtags, and locations pop up. 

Click on some of these and look for what hashtags (#) they are using. 

Write these down.

The next time you post a painting that features RMNP or a location like #EmeraldLake, add the hashtags to your post and see if you get more likes and, possibly, more followers!

I’ve put together a quick demo on how to search on Instagram using hashtags (#).