LET’S NOT FAKE IT When Writing Your Newsletter

lets not fake it artist marketing help jill rumley


I admit, I sometimes have a hard time knowing what to talk about in my newsletters. 

And many times, I’ll ramble on and on then click “send.” You know, I fake it.

What I’ve learned is that doing my newsletters this way has caused me to miss a lot of great opportunities with my collectors. 

For that reason, I’ve put together a Newsletter Monthly Planner that keeps me on track with what I want to share in my newsletter. 

You can visit the “Resources” page on my website to download your free planner.

Here’s how I write my newsletter today:

Check the planner to see what ideas I have brainstormed for the upcoming month. 

Am I having a sale soon? If so, I should mention a teaser now.

What new art have I created? Or am I in any shows coming up?

Gather relevant photos

Compose my newsletter in a GoogleDoc.

Let it sit for a few days.

Re-read and edit the copy.

Put a copy in the newsletter template.

Send a draft to me.

Read the draft and check all of the links.

If everything is looking good: SCHEDULE IT!

My advice to you is, let’s not fake it when writing your newsletter. Planning is the best road to winning (art sales!)