how to become marvelously productive artist marketing help jill rumley


Imagine you’ve scheduled time to create and when you get in front of your easel.


No inspiration!

What strategies do you use to find your inspiration?

Do you pull out a sketchbook and doodle?

Do you scroll through your photos for that picture you took the last time you traveled?

Do you go to your favorite YouTube channel and watch a painting technique video?

My point is, you don’t give up on having your “creative time” even when inspiration doesn’t come.

I want you to treat the way you market your art the same way. 

Set aside a couple of hours each week to work on your marketing. And hold yourself to working during those times just like you do when you create art. 

Here are some things you can do to be marvelously productive:

When you don’t have any ideas on what to say in a newsletter, pull out your sketchbook and doodle. Review what’s coming up over the next few weeks.  Or think about what has been going on in your life the past few weeks. 

Scroll the photos on your phone and look for pictures you have taken. Look for art in progress or a pretty sunset on your walk. Tag these as “favorites” and use them in your newsletter, along with a story about the moment. 

Still not inspired? Follow my Instagram feed for some inspiration!  And you can also go to YouTube and search for art marketing ideas. There will be a bunch!

And if you find some excellent videos, let me know! I’d love to review them and share them with all of you.