7 reasons why email is perfect for lazy, inconsistent creative types like me (and I bet, you?)

7 reasons why email is perfect artist marketing help Jill Rumley

7 reasons why email is perfect for lazy, inconsistent creative types like me (and I bet, you?)

1 – Email doesn’t require fancy graphics.

Sure it’s fun to layout your email like a fancy magazine. Let’s be honest; you probably flip through magazines to get to the articles, only glancing at the design and fancy photos. 

2 – You can make your emails automated

Neary every email newsletter service offers the ability to send automated emails to new subscribers. It can be a single email or a series of emails. I like to use this function to welcome new subscribers and to deliver the freebie I promised.

3 – Recycle the good stuff

People have short memories, especially of things they see online. So don’t worry about re-using your old emails. I suggest repeating yourself often, so your message is more likely to be seen and understood! That’s why it’s perfect for lazy, inconsistent creative types like you and me.

4 – It doesn’t have to be a saga.

KISS. Keep It Simple Sistah! Sometimes you’re in the mood to write a lot, and sometimes you’re not. It’s OKAY. If you only have a brief announcement to make in your email, then do it! It’s better than sending NOTHING AT ALL. 

5 – You get to be yourself.

Email is an intimate, one on one experience. You can get a little more personal and “real” in your emails because you’re talking to people who know you and like you. Because if they didn’t like you, they wouldn’t be opening your emails. 

6 – Email doesn’t punish you for not showing up, using the right hashtags and optimizing for SEO. 

Email is just email. It’s to the people who know you, like you and trust you. AND, if you happen to disappear for half a year (ahem…yeah, I do that sometimes…) when you re-engage with your email list, THEY ARE HAPPY TO HEAR FROM YOU! Oh yeah! Mark one down for the creative, inconsistent lazy types!

7 – It is cheep 🐤. I mean CHEAP!

You don’t pay for ads. 

You probably won’t have to pay for the newsletter service if you have less than 2,000 emails on your list. 

You don’t have to pay someone to optimize your emails. 

You don’t have to pay someone when you sell something through your emails. 

Convinced? If you’re still unsure, that’s ok!  I have a FREE Monthly Newsletter planner you can download by clicking the link in my bio and heading over to “Free Marketing Resources.”