Good riddance! Lose you, to love me!

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Good riddance! Lose you, to love me!

I’ve talked a lot about how to build your newsletter list, but today I want to talk about what happens when someone unsubscribes. 

Everyone’s email list will fall subject to attrition over time.

Good Riddance! Don’t fight it and don’t worry about it. It’s natural for your list to shrink because people change email addresses, give you their “alternate” address that they’ve now forgotten about, and sometimes your email will end up in the “promotions” folder or spam. This is why I talk about listing building so often; it’s important to always be working on adding new subscribers. 

And sometimes people just unsubscribe from your list. Trust me, it’s not the end of the world.

According to MailChimp data, the normal, acceptable unsubscribe rate for the arts industry is about .28%.

That means it’s acceptable to have 2-3 people unsubscribe out of every 1000 emails you send.

If you have a list of 100 people, you’d have to send 10 emails out over the year, it’s acceptable to have 2 people unsubscribe. And that number is about right. My art email list is around that number and occasionally I get an unsubscribe. Lose you to love me!

Well, there is an exception.

BUT- if you are just starting out, and you’ve grabbed any and all email addresses from your personal email, business cards, random scraps of paper…. Your unsubscribes will be higher the first few months. 

What should you do when someone unsubscribes?

Number one: Do not take it personally. It’s about THEM, not YOU.

Number two: if you personally know the person who unsubscribed, send them a personal email and talk to them about it. A good friend will give you a straight answer. 

In a nutshell, keep showing up. Every month. Be friendly, be yourself, and share your passion for your art. Good riddance to those who leave! You’ll win every time. 

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