the Hashtag – the bane of your existence

we all wanna hashtag artist marketing help Jill Rumley

I Tag, U Tag, We All Wanna Hashtag!

The Hashtag. The bane of your existence. How many do you use? How many CAN you use? Should you use the maximum number? Or just one? 

Here’s my thought: 

You have 30 hashtags you can use. 

Don’t use 30. 

Use 5-7 that are specifically related to your post. 

For example, you’re an oil painter who paints landscapes and has entered a local art show.

Some hashtags you might use are:

#oils #oilpainter #landscapes #landscapepainting #pleinair #RockyMountainNationalPark #artshow

You can also “tag” someone or group in your post. 

Use the “@” to do this. 




Still have questions? Email me and I help you “hash” it out! LOL!