How can a newsletter help me out?

How can a newsletter help me artist marketing help Jill Rumley

How can a newsletter help me out?

A couple of weeks ago, an artist DM’d me with this question. He has a Facebook page but wants to take things further and isn’t sure about the next step. 

He’s made some sales on Facebook and eBay, but he wants to make more sales. 

Here’s what I told him:

A newsletter can help you by nurturing your buyers and fans by keeping in touch with them regularly. 

Buying art is a personal experience and people buy because they feel a connection to your art and to you. Newsletters nurture these fans and buyers better than social media because many posts can be missed in the feeds. 

A newsletter is personal and delivered to your fan’s inbox. If they like you enough to give you their email address, through a sale or otherwise, they want to hear from you and will be REPEAT BUYERS. 

Thank you @jamiesepiccartoons for your question!

If you’re like Jamie and are wondering what the next step is from social media, check out my free Monthly Newsletter Planner and start sending out newsletters today!