You’ll be surprised to know who has access

you'll be surprised to know - Artist Marketing Help Jill Rumley

…to your Instagram account

Have you granted access to a website or app that you no longer use or have forgotten? If you’re like me, the answer is probably yes!

That’s why I occasionally check who has access to my Instagram account. It’s good practice to do today to prevent hackers from accessing your account. 

Did you know that any time you log in using a third-party app (a scheduling tool or an app that lets you print your Instagram photos) records your login credentials? 

AND this access remains on your profile, even if you no longer use the tool!

Here’s how to do a quick check to see which apps currently have access to your Instagram account: 

  1. Pull up Instagram on your phone
  2. Then click on your profile image on the bottom right to bring up your profile.
  3. Click on the menu (three parallel lines) at the top right 
  4. Click “Settings”
  5. Click “Security”
  6. Then click “Apps and Websites.”
  7. Under the “Active” section, you’ll see which apps have been granted access to your account in the past. 
  8. Simply remove any you no longer use by clicking “Remove.”

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