What Email subject lines WILL delight your readers?

what subject lines will delight your readers Artist Marketing Help Jill Rumley

There are a lot of different theories about what the subject line for your emails should be. 

Some people suggest using SHOCKING topics like “My cat fell out the window, and you’ll never guess what happened next!”

But honestly, what does your cat falling out a window have to do with your art? I suppose you might have something funny that happened with your cat while making your art but is this really how you talk to your friends? Or how you talk to your customers? 

Maybe you do, and that’s great for you, but I know many of you are much shyer than this, and it’s not how you authentically talk to people.

So don’t do it.

When it comes to the subject lines for your emails, I say when in doubt, make your subject line simple and straightforward. Contrary to what you might think, these “boring” subject lines get great open rates. 

The key to making your emails work for your list is:

To consistently provide value in all of your emails. Don’t send an email unless you have something interesting to say. If you do this regularly, you’ll train your subscribers to open your emails no matter what the subject line says.

And don’t forget just to BE YOURSELF. Share a bit of your life along with your art and what inspires you. Your fans will love hearing your stories! And they will be delighted!

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