No one talks about this.

no one talks about this Artist Marketing Help Jill Rumley

But as an artist, you’re a small business owner. 

A few months ago, I was feeling overwhelmed and burned out. I felt like I was spending all of my time figuring out how to market and reach more people to sell my art. 

I spent hours pouring over the latest fads on social media, wondering if I should start a Tik Tok channel. Then I realized nobody wants to see their middle-aged mom dancing to madonna… and how would that help me sell my art???

Rather than chasing fads that kids half my age are promoting, I decided to sit down and look at everything I’ve been doing to market my art.

What it came down to was not that I needed to try the new latest thing; I just need to not give up on what I’ve been doing. 

Don’t give up on posting more stories about my art.

Don’t give up on sending a monthly newsletter about what’s going on in my art life.

Don’t give up on my local art galleries and art groups to show my art to the public.

When it comes to promoting yourself and your art, what is one thing you’re not going to give up?

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