Get Out of Your Head

Get Our of Your Head Artist Marketing Help Jill Rumley

The hardest part of doing something new is to start. But knowing where to start can be paralyzing!

The trouble is, you’re in your head. You’re trying to figure out something by mulling it over and over, and that’s not going to get you anywhere. 

Let’s talk about how you start a painting or art project. It begins with an idea in your head, right? But rather than leaving it in your head, you begin to sketch, draw, and doodle your different ideas. 

Once you have an idea you like, you start with a foundation by laying the base colors down or beginning with the one you’re going to build on. 

From here, you try things, add colors, textures, scrape off the paint, try something different, see where it goes. 

You do this because you’ve started with an idea, and that’s your foundation.

Starting a newsletter or social media marketing campaign is the same way. It begins with the idea of wanting to do it.

The way to start is to get out of your head. Grab a journal, a sketchbook, or your computer, brainstorm ideas that pop into your head randomly. Scroll through the photos on your phone, go through your journal if you keep one. Gather these ideas and sort through them. They are your foundation!

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