Don’t Do What I Just Did, You’ll regret it

Don't Do What I Just Did Artist marketing help Jill Rumley

This is why consistent content essential to your success…

Last week I got to take a little vay-cay and drive out to see my kids and my granddaughter for her 2nd birthday. Don’t worry, and we’re all vaccinated! 

I was already behind on writing my posts before I left. I thought I’d have “time” to get some writing done while I was there. You know, get up EARLY before everyone else… 

Well. That. Didn’t. Work. Out.

So last week, I had ZERO posts go out. And you know what? It affected my social media numbers. My reach dropped, my impressions dropped, but thank goodness, my followers didn’t drop. 

I think I caught this just in time. 

What was the lesson learned here? 


Don’t procrastinate writing and scheduling your posts. If you do, you’ll lose all of that momentum mojo flow thing you have going. Because once you fall behind, it takes so much more mental effort to get yourself back into posting again.