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who do you text the most artist marketing help


I’ll be honest; I don’t text my peeps all that much. Even my Millenial son CALLS me a few times a week rather than text.

my perfect day artist marketing help

Here’s what my perfect day looks like

Getting an early start sets my day up for success.

I’m lazy. I love laying in bed drifting in a out of my dream state.

But this doesn’t help me meet my goals.

A few years ago, I took a life mentoring course called “Insane Productivity” from Darren Hardy.

Jenny Floravita - Artist Marketing Hellp


I’m an artist and yep, I have friends who are artists too. I’m not worried about sharing how wonderful they are – because we all bring different gifts to the table.

artist marketing help Darren hardy quote

Balance work, art, and life

This quote by Darren Hardy is one that I’ve adopted. Darren is a business coach for entrepreneurs, and I admit, he’s not soft and squishy. He’s not for the easily offended or tender-hearted. 💔

Art Commission

What to Do When You get a Commission

When you are lucky enough to be approached to paint a commission painting for someone, you’ll probably have a bucket of mixed feelings about it. ⁠

First, it’s incredibly flattering! Wow! Someone wants to PAY ME to paint a SPECIAL painting for them! 😁 😁 😁⁠