Imagine a world without apps

Allow me to ask a wild question: What if you did your shopping, watched Netflix, YouTube, and read the news on your smartphones — without using apps?

I know, what a WILD concept, huh? But stick with me here for a bit. I want to share something with you that I was reminded of by an NYTimes article last week. 

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Go Google Yourself

Wow, I didn’t mean for that to sound so, um, rude!

But truthfully, when was the last time you’ve “Googled” yourself?

A month?

A few months?

A year?

What do you mean I can google myself? (a.k.a. Never googled yourself)

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How to get rid of Gmail’s “Promotions” tab

Do you lose emails? It’s easy with the amount we receive every day, every hour, every minute… they probably ended up in your gmail’s “promotions” folder! But that’s okay! I’ve got a quick tutorial on how to get rid of Gmail’s “promotions” tab and more!