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LET’S NOT FAKE IT When Writing Your Newsletter


I admit, I sometimes have a hard time knowing what to talk about in my newsletters.

And many times, I’ll ramble on and on then click “send.”

What I’ve learned is that doing my newsletters this way has caused me to miss a lot of great opportunities with my collectors.

For that reason, I’ve put together a Newsletter Monthly Planner that keeps me on track with what I want to share in my newsletter.

are you bugging people artist marketing help


You might be if you post all of your photos to social media at one time.

Do you know what doesn’t BUG PEOPLE?


Check out these stats:

You are 6X more likely to get a click-through on an email than on a tweet.

when did you get your first email address artist marketing help

When did you get your first email account?

For me, it was 1988, and it was for work—interoffice email. And don’t forget FAX machines. OY!

And you know what? I’ve been checking my email obsessively ever since. It’s an addiction. I check my email more than I check FaceBook. No REALLY. That’s what we GenXers do. And I’m going to guess that you’re addicted too.