who do you text the most artist marketing help


I’ll be honest; I don’t text my peeps all that much. Even my Millenial son CALLS me a few times a week rather than text.

trying to sell your art sucks

Trying to sell your art sucks because…

What if I told you that I know how bad it sucks to try and sell your art. I know this because that list above is mine. (well, except for the MFA part). I want to put you at ease about selling your art by telling you how you can do just one thing every month and connect more with your collectors:

artist marketing help Darren hardy quote

Balance work, art, and life

This quote by Darren Hardy is one that I’ve adopted. Darren is a business coach for entrepreneurs, and I admit, he’s not soft and squishy. He’s not for the easily offended or tender-hearted. 💔